Nano- (U)LC
Eksigent is creating new possibilities for life science research, drug discovery & development, and medical devices with its innovative MicroFlo™ and NanoFlow™ fluid delivery systems.
The NanoLC™ 1D and 2D Systems deliver splitless nanoflows with unprecedented retention time repeatability for linear and step-gradients as part of on-line 2D LC/MS/MS analysis in proteomics. The NanoLC-Ultra™ system delivers superior gradient precision at pressures up to 10.000 psi. dramatic increases in analysis speed, throughput, and sensitivity.

The new cHiPLC™ nanoflex system offers the newest column-on-a-chip technology. It is a docking station for up to three microfluidic chips. The system flexible design and built-in 10-port nano valve allow for easy switching between different types of experiments such as direct injection and trap-loading.
Chips containing a nano-LC column or trap column can be exchanged in seconds. A perfect dead volume free connection is made every time as the cHiPLC column or trap column is automatically aligned with a special connector chip.
Figure: NanoLC-Ultra™ system with cHiPLC™ nanoflex docking station.
ExpressLC™ Systems from Eksigent are fully integrated µ-HPLC units that combine unique splitless gradient repeatability, precise sample injection and optical detection. Sample throughput can be increased 6 times compared to conventional HPLC which makes the ExpressLC-100 single channel system ideal for HTP applications in drug discovery and development. With the ExpressLC™ systems conventional HPLC methods can be scaled down to µ-LC saving million of litres of solvents to waste and thus offers a real green solution to LC laboratories.
With the release of the new ExpressHT-Ultra, Eksigent meets the challenge by delivering a short-cycle time, high-throughput HPLC system specifically designed to maximize the performance of todays mass spectrometer especially for many LC/MS/MS bioanalysis.

Integrated ExpressHT-Ultra configuration:

- External column oven: reduces post-column bandspreading
- CTC Autosampler: industry standard with dual wash stations for minimum carry-over
- ESI probe: an optimized ESI probe is available for most mass spectrometers
- MS Data systems: control of the ExpressHT-Ultra can be integrated into major mass spectrometry software packages.