PLATINblue UHPLC from KNAUER: Ultra High Performance Liquid chromatography systems for fast and high-resolution HPLC

Ultra Fast - Precise - Easy to use - Scalable - Compliant - Versatile

Benefit from the advantages of the new HPLC columns with sub-2 µm particles such as higher resolution separations and faster analysis results, which can be exploited to full extend only with real UHPLC systems capable of working at pressures up to 1000 bar. Reduce your mobile phase cost per sample by up to 2/3. PLATINblue not only allows this, but also to carry out standard HPLC analyses on the same system !

This modular HPLC system with an ultra low dead volume (< 115 µl) can operate at pressures up to 1000 bar (14.500 psi) and acquire data at up to 200 Hz for high-resolution ultra fast HPLC applications.
Since it is also capable of working under standard HPLC conditions, PLATINblue systems enable users to run established methods and migrate to high resolution or high speed methods using sub-2µm columns at will. The system features an intuitive user interface and the most advanced data analysis software ChromGate® PLATINblue Edition.
PLATINblue modules have intuitive touch screen control and easy to read color LCD display.

PLATINblue Systems can be flexibly used to increase the throughput and sensitivity of many applications: pharmaceutical, environmental, food, clinical diagnostics etc. The special series BlueOrchid UHPLC columns packed with 1.8 µm ultra-pure silica gel offer ultimate resolution together with particularly low back pressures.

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