Smartline Series HPLC systems from KNAUER offer modern technology and practical design for isocratic or fully equipped multi-gradient multi-detector configurations.
Whether you need a single isocratic system or a gradient system with several detectors, the KNAUER Smartline series can accommodate all of your requirements with flexible combinations of individual modules.
For Bio LC Systems see: Bio LC Systems
Smartline S-1000 Series Isocratic HPLC System:

The complete system consists of an isocratic Smartline® S-1000 HPLC pump (stainless steel or completely inert), Smartline 5000 Manager with degasser, Smartline S-2500 programmable UV detector, a manual injection valve and CDP software. It enables you to get started right away and can be upgraded at any time to a binary or quaternary gradient system with automatic sample injection and additional detectors including PDA.

Typical applications: Quality control in routine labs in food analysis, clinical chemistry, fine chemicals, ion chromatography etc.

Smartline S-1000 Series Quaternary Gradient System:

This completely automated system supports your premium HPLC analysis with maximum flexibility. The system allows you to switch rapidly from binary to ternary or quaternary gradients providing excellent speed and efficiency when optimizing parameters in method development or running sequences with different methods in high throughput workflows. The build-in patented SmartMix® solvent mixer reduces the baseline noise to the lowest possible limits. When equipped with the multi-wavelength S-2550 UVIS or the S-2800 PDA detector, the S-1000 series quaternary gradient system offers highest sensitivity in peak identification and spectral peak purity control. The ChromGate® CDP software stands for user friendly system control and data handling. It fully implements the guidelines specified by FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The S-1000 series gradient systems raise the bar in terms of performance and flexibility.

Typical applications: method development in (bio-) pharmaceutical and life sciences laboratories, environmental and food analysis labs, R&D departments and universities.

Smartline S-1000 Series Binary Gradient System:

The Smartline S-100 Series Binary Gradient System has a combination of two dual-piston pumps that provide stable, accurate flows essential for optimal binary gradient performance. The ultra low volume (< 100 µl) SmartMix mixer ensures consistent formation of fast gradients and rapid gradient transfer to the column. Combined with one or more of the high sensitive Smartline detectors and the ChromGate® CDP software, the S-1000 series binary gradient is the system of choice for all binary analytical HPLC applications.

Typical applications: QC/QA in (bio-) pharmaceutical and life sciences laboratories, high throughput analysis in drug discovery, toxicology and environmental analysis.