Smartline Series HPLC systems from KNAUER offer modern technology and practical design for isocratic or fully equipped multi-gradient multi-detector configurations.
Whether you need a single isocratic system or a gradient system with several detectors, the KNAUER Smartline series can accommodate all of your requirements with flexible combinations of individual modules.
Smartline S-1000 Pump :
Versatile and robust dual-piston pump with an outstanding flow rate precision (RSD ≤ 0.1%) and accuracy for most demanding HPLC requirements. Its optimized mechanics provide for a long lifetime. Up to four different eluents can be mixed in a quaternary gradient in either a low pressure (LPG) or a high pressure gradient (HPG) system with up to four pumps in one system.
The entire range from micro- to semi-preparative HPLC is covered with the assortment of different pump heads up to 50 ml/min, also available as biocompatible options.

Smartline S-100 Pump :
Ultra-compact, isocratic high pressure dual piston pump developed for eluent delivery up to 400 bars and for flow rates up to 50 ml/min in HPLC and other applications where a compact easy-to-integrate pump is required. The Smartline Pump 100 is available in two versions: with pressure sensor (ideal for isocratic solvent delivery in HPLC, postcolumn derivatization and dosing) and without pressure sensor (for automated column conditioning or washing, direct injection of large sample volumes onto anHPLC column or general eluent delivery against a back pressure). Flexible control is possible through either its touch pad on the front panel, via RS-232 using a PC with HPLC software such as ChromGate® or ClarityChrom®, or by analog signals.