UV-Vis Detectors
Smartline Series HPLC systems from KNAUER offer modern technology and practical design for isocratic or fully equipped multi-gradient multi-detector configurations.
Whether you need a single isocratic system or a gradient system with several detectors, the KNAUER Smartline series can accommodate all of your requirements with flexible combinations of individual modules.
Multiple wavelength detector S-2550:
The S-2550 detector offers high sensitivity and baseline stability for HPLC applications including fast LC methods. With its high speed scanning design (up to 80 Hz data rate), four different wavelengths can be monitored simultaneously while acquiring spectral data from 190 to 900 nm.
Best-in-its-class values for noise, drift, and linearity are achieved through smart optical bench technology and the use of optimized components. Enhanced GLP features include automatic wavelength verification (build-in Holmium oxide filter) and lamp recognition.

Programmable wavelength detector S-2500:
The S-2500 wavelength programmable routine detector is ideal for use in micro-HPLC, analytical, and preparative HPLC with flow rates of up to 10 l/min. As with all KNAUER detectors, the Smartline UV Detector 2500 is very robust and service-friendly. The optical bench can be easily pulled out from the front of the instrument: a lamp exchange has never been this easy! An alternative model with fibre optics is available for measurements at extreme temperatures or in hazardous environments.