Injection valves
Smartline Series HPLC systems from KNAUER offer modern technology and practical design for isocratic or fully equipped multi-gradient multi-detector configurations.
Whether you need a single isocratic system or a gradient system with several detectors, the KNAUER Smartline series can accommodate all of your requirements with flexible combinations of individual modules.
Smartline injection & switching valves:
Knauer injection and switching valves are available as 6-port/3-channel, 6-port/2-channel, 7-port/1-channel, 13-port/1-channel or 17-port/1-channel valves made out of stainless steel (pressure stable up to 300 bar) or PEEK (pressure stable up to 200 bar) with 1/16" or 1/8" connections.
The valves are extremely robust and can be easily mounted on the HPLC systems with the optional universal bracket which can hold also the LC column.
Switching valves provide flexible solutions for column switching, sample enrichment on separate adsorption units and fraction collection.

Smartline electric valve drives:
The S-6, S-12 and S-16 type electric valve drives from KNAUER provides the possibility of automating the operation of all switching and injection valves. The ports of the electric valve drive can be freely positioned by either a short circuit contact or through software via RS-232 serial connection.
Injection valves can be switched automatically between the LOAD and INJECT positions. All electrically driven injection and switching valves also can be ordered separately without drive; this guarantees economical replacements and service.

Knauer accessories for injection and switching valves:
sample loops, syringes, rotor seals etc.: