Preparative LC
AZURA LINE KNAUER - Combinable elements for individual purification solutions by preparative LC.

The new AZURA line of elements has been designed to provide highly adaptable preparative and purification LC solutions with up to date features. AZURA systems offer you reliable technology, extensible equipment and flexibility in your choice of applications, making the instruments a future-proof investment. The system can easily be customized for individual applications due to its modular setup.
The AZURA pumps are available with stainless steel of titanium pump heads for 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000ml/min flow ranges. Isocratic or gradient configurations are possible depending on the lab's needs.
The AZURA assistant modules with a selection of fractionation valves enable sample fractionation without an additional fraction collector. Solvent consumption can be considerably reduced by the use of the solvent recycling feature at high flow rates. Peak recycling offers improved separation of non-optimal separated peaks by automated repeated processing of the peaks. A feed pump facilitates the handling of huge sample volumes.
The AZURA UV-VIS detectors with variable wavelength offer flexibility in detection. An extensive range of full flow measuring cells even with fiber optics make them a powerful tool for the control of your purification process.
A leak sensor and the optional control unit with touch screen facilitate the safe and user friendly usage.
Modern design with completely demountable fronts and exchangeable colored side panels turn the system into a visual highlight.

Applications with AZURA
VERTEX Plus AX Columns:
The new preparative columns from KNAUER are a product of choice for every HPLC user who needs highest performance as well as robust and long lasting columns in preparative range. The column hardware realizes axial compression of the column bed to get long lasting columns with excellent performance. The new Vertex AX column hardware is available in 20, 30 and 50 mm ID and 30, 150 and 250 mm gel bed lengths.

ContiChrom® Lab - all-in-one purification equipment with a novel process principle.
The Contichrom lab-scale LC system allows to use multiple process principles such as batch chromatography, sequential multi column chromatography, simulated moving bed (SMB) and the novel MCSGP principle with the same equipment. The Contichrom® platform allows to enrich and then isolate the target lead continuously by internal recycling and continuous addition of feed.

Application example: Purification of mAb charge variants