SERCOLAB's Biochromatography portfolio encompasses instruments, columns and resins for all Bio-LC applications.
We offer solutions for R&D, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and purification tasks on lab scale and pilot plants for all common modes of Bio LC including IEX, HIC, HILIC, SEC, Affinity and RPC.

TOSOH BIOSCIENCE, world premium brand in BioLC offers a comprehensive line of Toyopearl and TSKgel chromatography media and prepacked TSKgel HPLC columns.
Tosoh Bioscience gives professional answers for chromatography applications in research, on lab scale, pilot plant and manufacturing level for all common modes of liquid chromatography, including IEC, HIC, RPC, HILIC, SEC and Affinity.
KNAUER Bioline systems and columns...faster, cooler, better.
The modular design of Bioline systems offers outstanding performance and ease of use with the unique benchtop cooling feature. KNAUER Bioline systems do not require space in a cold room and can grow with your application requirements.
Bioline high resolution glass columns offer axial compression, high pressure stability and a thermostatic jacket for easy cooling and heating of the column. In combination with reinforced agarose BioFox separation media for SEC, IEC, IMAC and AC, fast and high resolution biochromatography can be achieved.