Smartline Series HPLC systems from KNAUER offer modern technology and practical design for isocratic or fully equipped multi-gradient multi-detector configurations.
Whether you need a single isocratic system or a gradient system with several detectors, the KNAUER Smartline series can accommodate all of your requirements with flexible combinations of individual modules.
Knauer on-line 4 channel analytical degasser: provides outstanding performance through its use of a newly developed micro vacuum pump while taking up only a minimum of space. The gas diffusion rate has been improved by a factor of 200 - 300 times, thanks to a new amorphous fluoropolymer. Excellent chemical and physical stability parameters, as well as the reduction of the internal chamber volume to less than 0.5 ml are convincing features. The analytical KNAUER online degasser module can be used for flow rates of up to 10 ml/min.

Knauer on-line 2 channel preparative degasser: flow up to 50 ml/min.

Smartline Manager 5000: this most up-to-date fluoropolymer degassing technology is also found in the Smartline Manager which has been developed to supplement the Smartline S-1000 series HPLC systems and can additionally feature a low pressure gradient mixer and an AD/DA interface card.